I participated in a swap a few years back and it was never completed (an alphabet coaster swap!) I would love to have a complete set.. any one want to swap??

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If this is happening I would like to participate. Please let me know when the dust settles.

Hi! If there is still space I would love to participate! If I understand correctly the exchange has changed from Alphabet coasters to notecards and gift tags? I'm willing to do either.

Yes there is still space! we are still signing up!!

We have changed to note cards & gift tags - the alphabet didnt have a large enough turn out to complete it at this time.


Hi there - I would love to participate in the swap and would appreciate a slightly later deadline (even June 15). I am based in Canada - will that be a problem?
Also, I'm a little confused about how it works. Based on what you've written above I assume we send as many sets as the number of people who sign up to you, and then you mail complete sets to everyone? This seems like a big expense for you. Do we not all just exchange mailing information and send it to everyone individually?

Just looking for more clarification. Thanks!

Everyone will send there submissions to me (I will provide the address info later) and  I will send out to everyone after they are all in. We can do a later deadline than like June 15th if that will work for everyone??

the only cost will be shipping back to you - which I will figure once we have the submissions and then you can paypal the money to me or I can figure it ahead of time and folks can mail a check (which works AWESOME for me..) The international is always a little harder to figure ahead of time but I can figure it pretty close. For the USA we can use a flat rate - depending on how many people! I will have to see how many we get signed up.


Hey Angela, 

Thank you for organizing this and fielding so many questions.   And I have another one for you:

Do we have a final number of participants or will there be a cut off date for people to participate?  Any idea when we'll have a final number?   I think I need to order more tags (because it's 6 per participant, right?) and I would like to print these this month.  



I'm still in but I would prefer the later date as well. If we could get a final count, that would be helpful. Otherwise International shipping for me.

I would be interested in participating after all of the specific details are worked out.  Please keep me posted.  Thanks.

Has anything been narrowed down on this - Timing, quantities?


Note cards & gift tags - Sets of 6 - Six note cards/Six gift tags (for each participant)

Rules: note cards go in an envelope -they can be 4 bar or a-2 (or similar) please include envelopes which you may print on if you like! They can be flat or folded, and they do not have to be the same aka you can send 6 different per set or 6 all the same per set.

No theme is required - your cards can be themed (such has thank you OR no theme, your choice!)

Gift tags do not have to have envelopes (but can if you want!) OR they can be punched to tie on a package. DO not have to match the note cards, but can if you want.

Please package up your note tags & note cards - it can be a plastic sleeves or tied up - just packaged them somehow!

Our cut of date is coming up soon! I envisioned we would have a final list of participants by next week...

I can manage the shipping (I have just been out of town with no computer and my phone doesnt like the site much it seems!) - we just need to get a final count and I think if everyone can provide there emails as well it would be faster if we should need get ahold of anyone. It seems no one gets on LOL very often!

Shipping address will be

Ladybug Press

3512 Kootenai Street

Boise, Idaho 83705

My email is angela AT ladybugpress DOT com

Our tentative list of participants:

Angela Stewart, Ladybug Press

Shauna Rue,

Ink Petals

Nadi Buliju

Courtney Kaminski


Nancy Stock-Allen


Davina, Fluid Ink

Joy Ragland, seaglasspress@gmail.com

I am interested in participating, but will make a very humble contribution!  

Joy Ragland




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