I participated in a swap a few years back and it was never completed (an alphabet coaster swap!) I would love to have a complete set.. any one want to swap??

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I have a question for clarification, the date that the notecards need to be shipped to Angela is June 20th? Or received by Angela on June 20th? 

Shipped to me around June 20th, I will then pull them together and calculate shipping and ship out.

But for all the USA folks I know its going to fit in a flat rate box -- $12 so if you want to mail checks to me with your submissions that is fine! For International we will want to first class and I will need an exact weight for that so I hope our couple of international participants will be willing to wait until I have all the submissions then you can paypal your money to me.

Just checking here:

1. We have to provide 6 note cards AND 6 tags for each person.

2.  The total # of participants to be announced but now is at 10?

email confirmation would be great.,,,,



Yes 6 note cards & 6 tags per each person. We have 10 participants so far.. There will be an email confirmation on the numbers!

I also think we should each do a few extra sets, I will hold on to them and we can use them for the LOL auction or try to get them on display somewhere!

Awesome Angela! I just wanted to put a timeline on it since I thought maybe you'd given up on us, haha. My e-mail is courtney.kaminski AT gmail DOT com.

I think printing extras is a great idea. Can you send out the final count (with extras) by e-mail?

No WORRIES! Courtney we really need to get it finalized!

I would love to participate in this swap! 

Ashley Flinn

Two Crow Press



We have not yet received your submission, I have emailed you a couple times as well. Can you get back to me please!


Im going to be closing this and emailing the recipients later tonight- does anyone else want in???

hi Angela,

I've been waiting for an email to confirm the final number, you said that you were "emailing the recipients later tonight" last Wednesday. I never heard from you...I am ready to print but on a tight schedule since I leave Wednesday and  won't be back until June 22...after your mail in date.  Is there anyway you can  tell me are you expecting me to participate and if so how many prints do I need? Thanks, Nancy Stock-Allen

FINAL LIST: (note I still need a few emails for folks)

Angela Stewart, Ladybug Press

Shauna Rue,

Ink Petals

Nadi Buliju

Courtney Kaminski

Akemi, kozostudio@gmail.com

Nancy Stock-Allen, nstockallen@comcast.net

Davina, Fluid Ink, design@fluidink.com.au

Joy Ragland, seaglasspress@gmail.com

Ashley Flinn Two Crow Press twocrowpress@gmail.com

Camille Robin, camillerobin@frontiernet.net

Please print 13 sets of 6 (6 thank you and 6 gift tags)

Please package the sets! (belly bands OR tie them up OR stationery boxes OR bags OR  something fun!



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