I participated in a swap a few years back and it was never completed (an alphabet coaster swap!) I would love to have a complete set.. any one want to swap??

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Email for Nadi Bulju is cykaidaartscenter@gmail.com.  Thank you.

Also, I need to clarify - back on May 22nd the final details said that the cards could be thank you themed or no theme our choice.  I have already begun my cards and they are not thank you themed as the message yesterday states.  I don't really want to start over with my cards.  Can I continue on without a theme?


No required theme!!

I meant note cards - Ugh.. no required themed. they can be thank you but do not have to. This was totally confusing and im sorry!! 

Ok thank you for the reply - I will proceed onward with the cards I began. 

Oh I didn't know it was" Thank you" either but made an 11th hour attempt at fulfilling the Thank you theme. All in 24 hours. They are in the mail. Looking forward to a lot of thank yous in my future!

No there was no required themed on the cards - it was only a suggested theme.. I am so sorry for the confusion.

Poop I just printed some flat cards off, but I have coasters so the next couple of letters I do (R and a C) I could swap? im in UK. Liz

I will be shipping my contribution, by Wednesday. Please let me know via email how much I will need to pay for Shipping to Canada. My email address is info@inkpetals.com. Thanks Nadia

Sorry for the delay guys, posting today from Australia. (I had just finished printing a new tag - and its school holidays) Exciting!!!


We have not received from two members, I think however I need to just finish this and move on! So what I am going to do it begin collating to send out. I am sorry this drug on this time, I hate when swaps take this long! I will be contacting the international participants with your shipping costs as soon I get everything collated!


Did mine arrive Angela? Keep meaning to check to see if you got them!



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