I participated in a swap a few years back and it was never completed (an alphabet coaster swap!) I would love to have a complete set.. any one want to swap??

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I'm in!

Not sure the 'rules' but I am changing my company name next month to Happy & Rue. Would love the R, if possible.

Hi Angela! I would be down for doing a swap if there is enough interest. Are you specifically just trying to fill holes in your alphabet swap, or are you just looking to do a new swap in general?

I always enjoy a swap - count me in.

If I have to pick a letter, I choose "P", next choices are "N" or "M"

Sounds great! I'd love to take 'c' if its not taken already :-)

I open to trying to do new set, if we can get enough interest!

Or if we each do more than one letter?

I would be willing to do two, if needed :) (Letters I like include: T/N/L/A/S)

I want to add that we've had good luck getting swaps into major library collections in the past, thanks to Vamp & Tramp; our Hello From postcard exchange is in the collections of the Harvard, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Emory, UCLA, and Yale, among others. So keep us posted if you do one, and be sure to make some extras! The proceeds go directly to the LOLP scholarship fund.

I would love to do another alphabet swap. I'll take whatever letter no one else wants, although I have X ready to go anytime from the last swap.

So, count me in!


I'm fine with doing more than one letter.

I would be happy to do more than one letter, too.

I dont know that we have enough interest to do the entire alphabet. But we could do a different swap, that doesn't require a set number to be complete! 

My other ideas:

gift tags ** my current favorite idea!

note card sets

Drink coasters (each does a different drink/beverage recipe or design) 

Recipe cards

I will think on more ideas.. 

Any one have any thoughts?




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