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I would like to find a new paper to use for business cards. I usually use lettra, but would like something that isn't quite so soft. Also, would love to use something that isn't quite as textured as lettra. Anyone have a good recommendation? Something around 110lb is fine.




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I always use French paper (www.frenchpaper.com). Aside from the company being amazing, their Muscletone paper is super sturdy and prints beautifully. My personal business cards (in my profile picture) are on Muscletone (140#C), but I'm currently printing some save the dates on their Construction line and it's also great, and a little lighter. (100# C).


Get yourself some sample books and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Good luck!

Thanks! Have you ever tried Reich SAVOY? I have some samples of that, and it seems really nice.

I printed some wedding invites on Savoy once, and it was alright. Similar in cottony-softness to Lettra, so if you're looking for something different, Savoy probably isn't the way to go. 

Have you done any double sided work on the Muscletone?

I'm prepping to print a run of double sided BCs for someone and I'm curious if this paper could handle a decent impression on both sides. 

Did anyone ever get back to you on this? I am wondering the same thing. Can we print on both sides of muscletone?

I second the French Paper recommendation -- they have great colors to choose from, which is nice if your client's after something beyond white. All of the French papers are smoother than Lettra and have a hard finish.

Mohawk makes several beautiful 110 lb. papers -- Superfine is a favorite for clients who want something smoother than Lettra; the Carnival line offers many rich colors with textures like Hopsack, Felt and Cordwain. Mohawk's Loop family also has colors that are similar to French's Muscletone and Durotone lines.

Otherwise, Strathmore Writing Cover Bristol Wove 110 lb. cover has a little more texture (wove finish) and is a stiffer sheet. It's also one of our most popular non-Lettra business card options.

Good luck, and have fun!


I use Reich Savoy 118# for everything and love it! I think you would be very happy with it. I have never used Lettra, but think it is close in finish. Thumbs up for French paper also... have not used for letterpress, but a lot for flat printing. They are a wonderful company and you won't be disappointed. Good luck!

I love French, haven't tried the Reich Savoy paper yet, and Mohawk is also nice as far as I've seen.  I love Lettra, and lately French has served my needs for both really great colors (construction) and sturdy (muscletone) for what we're doing.  It's great both for screen print and letterpress.

I absolutely love French Paper Muscletone as well!  It's firm enough to hold a nice, deep impression as well as soft enough to not feel like cardboard.  I generally use their 140# stock and for the money, you honestly can't beat it!  In fact, from all the leftover paper we have in our shop, I always reach for the remaining French Paper to run my personal projects!  

Hey Matthew, do you ever print on both sides of muscletone? Is it thick enough to handle an impression on both sides?

Hey Camilla, I have pressed on both sides of muscletone and while it is certainly capable of handling the impression, I would caution you and trying to press too much into the paper.  It definitely leaves a mark on the reverse, which is completely fine for a 1 sided piece, but can be troublesome for 2 sided.  

In terms of what I personally use for a 2 sided impression, I generally default to Lettra 220# because you can get a deep impression on both sides while not making transferring too much on the reverse.  

What are your thoughts on Muscletone and 2 sided impressions?



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