Hey all!

I am starting to expand my skills a bit, and wanted to know if anyone had any tips on how to do edge coloring.  Anything will help, especially some best practices, ink recommends, etc...

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There are some great references on Flickr. Most people don't like to share their edge painting secrets. Meh.

Here is one from Ladyfingers (just scroll a bit more to the right on their photostream to see more after this image):


And also this one:


There is a good video from Crane: Hand-bordering Stationery at Crane & Co.


I've tried edge coloring a dozen different ways and have finally settled on using an airbrush (The Copic marker airbrush is great with virtually no cleanup and you can easily match pantone colors). I put the cards in the cutter, slice, and leave the clamp down. The clamp down ensures that the cards are nice and straight. Mask around the stack with blue masking tape so I don't get ink all over my cutter and spray that side. Then flip and slice/airbrush the second side, etc. Any way you do it, it takes time. Good luck!

Excellent tip! Another use for my Copic airbrush compressor. What medium do you use, though? Not Copic ink, right?

Yes. I use the copic marker airbrush. I guess my "easily match pantone colors" comment was not quite accurate. But they do have a lot to choose from.

i've had success with professional spray paint cans. i clamp a stack and lightly go around and around until i get the coverage i am looking for with that color. however, it is a bit touch and go with a spray can. one splorch can ruin your whole stack of expensive 220#. so i recently bit the bullet and bought an airbrush. i had a 40% off coupon for Blick and bought a starter kit with a really good airbrush, compressor and some paint too. wow, what a difference. very consistent.

i clamp small stacks (25 pieces or less at a time) with small plastic clamps i picked up from home depot. i use a rough piece on the top and the bottom to try and save my heavy stock. then slowly just make my way around depositing more color as i rotate the stack. i was thinking of getting a cake turner or something like that to help.

here are some examples from my tests:




Wow, thanks everyone. These are some great tips. I'll keep an eye out for a blick coupon as an airbrush seems like a good investment.  Much appreciated! 

I haven't done a lot of edge coloring, but I've had the most success with the air brush method. I wrote a little how-to for Felt & Wire a few months ago, posted here - 




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