I am looking for a recommendation on either of these options, in order of preference :) :

1.  Someone who can edge cards with foil or silver/gold leaf

2.  Tips on how to do it

I've tried silver leaf and am having trouble finding the right adhesive.  Size, which is typically used with leaf, didn't stick, and neither did a spray adhesive I had laying around.  I like Otto Printing's silver edging, but it isn't as reflective as I'd like to use for this project.  I really do want a true silver look. 


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I use Hodgins Engraving in Batavia, New York. They have both gold and silver foil, and it's super shiny. There's also a helpful site called Finisher Finder that allows you to search for people who do things like gilding, laser cutting, thermography, etc.

Thanks so much!  I did a look through Finish Finder (great resource!) but didn't have much luck.  I am really happy to know about Hodgins though.  Many thanks!

Hi Bianca, Did you end up using Hodgins? I'm looking to outsource foil edging and can't find any local shops. Any tips would be great!!

Hi Cara,

I did use Hodgins.  Perhaps Kseniya has better luck with them, but my project was a disaster.  I've not found anyone else who can do it though!

Sorry to hear it was a disaster! I'll let you know if I find anyone.

I'm curious too! What happened?



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