I have a stock list that I want to resupply and looking for some feedback from the letterpress community on what their favorite paper to print on is. I have Lettra but perhaps you all have used something even more lovely? 

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I like Wild, Savoy and Aveo as well as the Lettra

hey samantha, have you run on wild 850 gsm yet? or just thinner? i have someone asking about business cards and i'm a little concerned about cracking! running a c&p platen and a challenge cylinder proof press. wouldn't even try to get it through the proof press!

Rising Stonehenge. I prefer to print dry, but it can also be dampened.

I'm currently trying out gmund cotton from lci. Not as soft as lettra so deep impression can be tough with my c&p table top, but scores and folds better. I'm going to run a few and compare with the savoy. I think I may go back to that.

I also bought some gmund felt to see what it's like. It takes the ink very nicely but has almost a glimmer to it so the graphic is going to need to be simple and strong to stand up to the paper. Haven't decided on a project yet. I'll post the results



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