I was approached by a gal at a local art event and she asked if I'd consider having her as an intern. I am a sole proprietor and could use some extra hands, but not sure if this would be foolish for legal reasons...what if she chops a finger off!

Any tips on navigating a volunteer/intern? Thanks! Katie

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Do you have any connections to a university? Some schools provide credit for internships, and they may have a way to cover you for any accidental happenings if you're up to OSHA code.

Thanks for the tips...would be good to keep in mind. Someone from Briar Press suggested I limit any hands on help to the small Kelsey since that press is exempt from having to be insured. Seemed like a good solution for now.

Hi Katie, I understand your caution. I think it's possible to get press help on more than the Kelsey. I met Eric Combs of Combs and Taylor at a Ladies of Letterpress conference a couple of years ago. Their first advice was to up my insurance to a bazillion dollars, or as much as I could afford. Second advice was to create a LLC so my home was separate from the business. Third was to create a liability waiver customized for my studio. It was a little expensive to do that (around $1,200) but worth it because it creates an extra layer of protection.

Any of these things, even if you can't do them all, are good to do if you have someone working for you.

Thanks Annika! That's all super helpful and appreciate it.

Once as an intern the press owners drafted a paper that I signed releasing them from liability. 



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