Fellow forum goers, I am seeking some general advice regarding hot foil dies. It seems that i am unable to find the information I seek via general internet queries, so I'm trying a more direct quote.

I am looking to make a die, about the size of a book (so something around 8.5x5.5 inches). However, I'm trying to avoid the full cost of a typical die because I only need to get 1 stamp out of it.

One thing I have stumbled across is the possibility of using non-metal materials as the die. High temperature silicon or Delrin have been suggested, but I'm worried about damaging the press. Also, an advantage of non-metal materials for the die is that I have access to a laser that can etch/engrave the design, which is important due to the complexity of the artwork and also making it would be cheaper.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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did you resolve this? check here for more die options: http://www.augustinedie.com/products.html

Yes, I did. I ended up getting 2 separate dies made. Both are 11pt unmounted lithium dies. If you like, you can see below for pictures. They came out extraordinarily well, though i'm not sure if they'll translate perfectly when stamped, but we will see. 




I used https://www.owosso.com/ . I didn't see anywhere cheaper than this place when I was looking, and they have same-day turnaround. It was a great experience, and I'd recommend them to anyone making dies.

If anyone is curious, I made a photo gallery of my whole experience. Its coming along quite nicely, though the final step of using the dies is going to really make it something special (imho). http://imgur.com/a/a5slS

Also, you can see where the artwork for the stamps came from the dust jacket. The book is R Scott Bakker's "The Darkness that Comes Before", artwork made by David Rankine, and I translated the art (with permission) into a black and white bitmap file so Owosso could turn it into a die.


Are you sure you don't mean magnesium instead of lithium dies?

Trent, what type of press/stamping machine are you going to use?

For inexpensive letter pressdies, you can't beat steel backed polymer. However not recommended for hot stamping

If you search for hot foil stamping on ebay you will find a whole lot of polymer related materials listed.  Sorry, polymer just will not do the job.  You need copper or magnesium.  The reason you cannot find much about foil online is that the old school foil guys are a tight lipped bunch.  I recently did a lot of foil research and have had success.  Email us at northamptonletterpress@gmail.com if you have any questions.  We have a dedicated windmill for foil and will be adding another. 

I made a much larger post but it didn't go through, so this one is much smaller.

Thanks everyone for the responses.
I got two 4" by 6" dies of 11pt magnesium.

If you'd like to seem them, or the book as it currently stands, you can check out my post on imgur. http://m.imgur.com/a/a5slS
The due pictures are near the bottom.

I couldn't find a bindery who would do the stamp as large as I wanted so I scaled it back. If anyone knows of a place that can handle larger hot foil stamping, please let me know.



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