Hey all!


A few months back I started an LLC for my letterpress business (yay!) and I have a Vandercook that lives in my garage, so all of my printing for my business is done in my house. I'm curious about those in the same situation -  what have you done with your insurance? I don't meet with clients in my house, but all of my materials are there and obviously I'm operating out of the space..


Thanks in advance for any information!

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I believe your question is best served by contacting your insurance agent; coverage can vary by

two (2) imortant things:  1) The policy (conditions) of your insurance company

                                       2) The coverage YOU have placed with that company

Maybe (MAYBE) your insurance company would provide coverage for your printing equipment

under a "home Owners" policy-----best to ask.......if you EVER intend having customers come to

your home you should have liability insurance----which again is covered by a home owners policy.

Suggestion------Immediately check with your AGENT or directly with your insurance carrier.    MKH



Awesome! I figured it would require a call, but glad for the advice on what to ask about.. thanks so much!



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