Hi! I'm looking for a small machine to get me started in letterpress and I found one on Ebay, do you think is a good idea to buy it?

it says

It's in great Working condition and in great condition. Look at photos.

Little help please! I think the ink roll is missing, but I don't know, I never use or even seen one in person!

Hope you can advice me a little!


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Definitely not. Get a press that has very recently been in the use of an experienced printer turning out good work. This press needs restoration and you have to know the presses pretty well to do that.

I agree with Bill. Restoration is tricky. Some hands-on experience will guide you. If you can find a local letterpress shop, museum, art/trade school, or letterpress/book arts community that has presses, they can be of immense help to you in learning what press you really enjoy and can use. 

Also consider a larger press, these little ones are very sweet (I have one and am fond of it) but you won't be able to do more than a small 1.5 - 2 inch size print, and that can become frustrating. A larger tabletop, restored press with fresh rollers will give you a better learning experience and more enjoyment. 


Thank you both! I will keep searching for a better option! Thank you!



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