Hello Ladies, Laddies and Babies of Letterpress,

    I think it is time to do another letterpress swap! In the past members of this fine site have printed an "Old Maid/Enterprising Maiden" deck of cards, "Hello From" postcards, Calendar coasters, Alphabet coasters, and "Greeting Cards w/ tags". These swaps have helped to raise money in the past for the Ladies of Letterpress Scholarship Fund...plus the swapees (is that a word lol) get really cool letterpress printed items that they will actually use and enjoy!!

    I suggest a greeting card of any flavor...it could be Birthday card, Congratulations (for your Big Day, Anniversary, Birth of Baby, Graduation) or even a Sympathy Card.

     Your submission could be anything...a poem, broadside, or something that you like to print. Do we really need a theme? I don't believe we do. Let's make this fun!

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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I'm in too!

I'm in and awaiting details!

Yes, add me to the swapee list! Our postcard swap turned out to be such a nice big stack of cards - I'd suggest another exchange in that size, or similar, to make it manageable (I think they're 4x6?). I like the idea of a poetry card... does that make it a mini-broadside?

Great idea!

I'd love to participate. Can we submit a card that we currently sell or do we make one specifically for the swap?


You can submit a card you currently have.

I'd be up for a swap, either a small broadside or a card. When are you thinking and how many?


Yes, I think a swap would be fun, a mini broadside or card. 

Count me in.


How about, instead of a poem, something with a quote on it, inspirational or otherwise

I so want to swap!

We can sell some extra sets, as in the past, to add to the scholarship fund. LET'S PLAN ON MAKING 10 OR 15 EXTRA

I don't have a final amount to print yet, but probably 100

We should make the size small so it will fit into a medium flat rate box how about 6X8.

Shipping depending on size of the submission and number of participants...perhaps it could go in a medium flat rate box for $12.65 for USA 

Deadline will be January 31

You can use any paper you would like. I think a Broadside or inspirational quote would be great to print.

Send to me Camille Robin

20664 Lake Ridge Drive

Prior Lake, MN 55372

I will update when I get the final count

I'm definitely in-can't wait to get started!



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