Hello Ladies, Laddies and Babies of Letterpress,

    I think it is time to do another letterpress swap! In the past members of this fine site have printed an "Old Maid/Enterprising Maiden" deck of cards, "Hello From" postcards, Calendar coasters, Alphabet coasters, and "Greeting Cards w/ tags". These swaps have helped to raise money in the past for the Ladies of Letterpress Scholarship Fund...plus the swapees (is that a word lol) get really cool letterpress printed items that they will actually use and enjoy!!

    I suggest a greeting card of any flavor...it could be Birthday card, Congratulations (for your Big Day, Anniversary, Birth of Baby, Graduation) or even a Sympathy Card.

     Your submission could be anything...a poem, broadside, or something that you like to print. Do we really need a theme? I don't believe we do. Let's make this fun!

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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So, how about a finished size of 5x7?

And the number of prints will be the number of participants + 15, right?

When is the last day someone can join in? We should post this somewhere REALLY BIG so no one gets left out.

If everyone sends their prints to you in a medium flat rate box, could the exchange prints then be sent out in that same box? Would save you the trouble of getting new boxes for each shipment. We should also include, in the box to you, a return shipping label + payment for return shipping.

Great ideas, Jessica. Reads like you've done this before :-)


I received information today that USPS rates are going up Jan.17

We may want to move the due date up to make this postal cost increase deadline.

I should be able to reuse the boxes.

There will be a colophon for this swap. Please email me your name, email address, press name to camillerobin@frontiernet.net and any other information you want included.

I will set up a mailing list to update the progress and final information as to quantity, which will be 15+ amount of members. 

5x7 is a good size. Depending on the amount of people printing, it may fit into a small flat rate box.

Please sign or print your name on your submission, so everyone will know who printed which item.


I don't have a final count yet but we have about 50 signed up so far!

I am making a presentation folder to hold the submissions and colophon. This will fit into a padded priority mail flat rate envelope. Shipping cost to USA addresses would be $5.70. NOTE postal rates are going up in Jan. For those outside the USA I will get postage rates for you.

Your submission size should be no larger than 6.5 x 9 inches to fit into the folder. It can be anything you want to print; broadside, quote, card, etc.

Please write or print your name and any other information you would like on the back of your piece.

Please send the information you would like printed on the colophon to me


Hi! I'd like to participate again as well.

i'd like to participate too, thanks!

I'd love to participate. 


I would love to participate! :)

Here is the information I have so far for the colophon. Please proofread and make any needed changes. My direct email is camillerobin@frontiernet.net

I would like to set up a mailing list so if you haven't sent me your direct email, please do so soon.

I know many of you are itching to get printing. Although final count is not in you would be safe to print 100. 

I will be making a presentation folder for the submissions and colophon. Your final sized print can't be larger that 6.5 x 9 to fit into this folder. It can be anything you want to print; broadside, quote, card, etc. Please write or print your name and any other information you would like on the back of your piece.

This will fit into a priority padded flat rate envelope. Shipping cost to USA is $5.70 please include this amount to pay for return postage to you. We Have a few International members that are contributing and I will get prices for your county. I will need everyone's shipping address. I will use my USPS account to print out shipping labels for each package, this will save you 40 cents, you will be able to track your package and will include $50 of insurance (although it really is priceless).

Due date...postage is going up Jan. 17, 2016. How much lead time does everyone need to send your printed piece to me? I realize several holidays are coming up and many people travel or have commitments already made. The sooner you send them to me, the sooner you receive your bundle of joy :) If possible I would like to have everything no later than Jan 8, 2016, although we could shoot for the end of December. That would give you 7+ weeks lead time vs 9 weeks.

Please send your printed piece to me 

Camille Robin

20664 Lake Ridge Drive

Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372

Meryl Arnold                            Meryl Arnold Photo & Design

William E Boys                         The Private Press of William Earl Boys

Jill Broadhacker                       Jilly Jack Designs, LLC

Lynda Campbell                       Saltbox Press

Chris Charles                            Moon Rabbit Press

Victoria Cole                           Two Hand Design

Erika Dillon                              Lunar Creative Co.           Bessie the Behemoth

Carole Dwinell                        Black Point

Amelia Fontanel                     RIT Cary Graphics Art Collection Rochester, New York

Megan Fuller                          Lethargic Studios

Rebecca Gilbert                     Sumptown Printers

Andrea Jenson                       Inkadinkadoodle

Jeryl Jones                               PumpkinPatch Press

Mirka Hokkanen                   Pica Doodle press

Kathryn Hunter                      Blackbird Letterpress

Andrew Huot                          Tank Dive Press

Katja                                         designworks

Diana Keller                             Iron Lady Press

Arie Koelewyn                        The Paper Airplane Press

Jenn Lawrence                       Letterpress PDX

Debbie Lee                             penelope’s press

Val Lucas                                Bowerbox Press-woodcut and hand-set type

Bertie van der Meij              Falstaff & Fakir

Casey McGarr                        Inky Lips Press

Sara McNally                         Constellation & Co.

Ashley McNeill                      Inviting, inc.

Susan Carter Morgan           Downtown Writing and Press

Kirstin Murtagh                     Early Girl Press

Akemi Nishidera                  KOZO Studio/Gallery 

Lisa Newcomb                       Lemon Zest Press

Sarah Phelps                         Sarah & Maude

Lauren Reed                          Darling + Pearl

Camille Robin                       Fish Lake Press

Monica Cass Rogers            Little Blue Press

Christy Schneider                 Inkello

Michelle Secondi                 417 Press

Lauri Taylor                         Loose Cannon Press

Thomasina Taylor              Ilene Books

Kseniya Thomas                 Thomas-Printers

Teresa Tonai                       Little Trees Studio

Ren Vasiliev                        The Make Things Workshop

Chantal Audrey von Wattenwyl        ninniku, grafik atelier & letterpress printing

Jessica C White                  Heroes & Criminals Press

Theresa Whitman              Flood Tide Press



Happy printing!!

If it's not too late I'd love to participate! Marit Bockelie, The Bremerton Letterpress Co. Bremerton, Washington. :) 

The first submission has come from far across the sea for the LoL swap. Please give Chantal Von Wattenwyl from Switzerland a standing applause. They are beautiful!!!



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