Hello Ladies, Laddies and Babies of Letterpress,

    I think it is time to do another letterpress swap! In the past members of this fine site have printed an "Old Maid/Enterprising Maiden" deck of cards, "Hello From" postcards, Calendar coasters, Alphabet coasters, and "Greeting Cards w/ tags". These swaps have helped to raise money in the past for the Ladies of Letterpress Scholarship Fund...plus the swapees (is that a word lol) get really cool letterpress printed items that they will actually use and enjoy!!

    I suggest a greeting card of any flavor...it could be Birthday card, Congratulations (for your Big Day, Anniversary, Birth of Baby, Graduation) or even a Sympathy Card.

     Your submission could be anything...a poem, broadside, or something that you like to print. Do we really need a theme? I don't believe we do. Let's make this fun!

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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Is there anyone interested?

Sign me up!

Absolutely! How fun : ) I love the idea of a broadside with poem...but am working on a series of cards of abstracted flora/twigs....I will participate.

monica kass rogers at little blue press, Evanston

I'm in too! I'd love to do a little broadside.

I would love to participate. What are the details? How many do we print?

i'm in! same questions as susan- =) and what's the timeline? 

I would love to participate!

OK. I'll join in. Details please.

I would love to participate again. Still have quite a collection from the Hello From... postcards, some of which I use to send birthday greetings on, some of which I'm greedily hoarding because they're too beautiful or funny to part with.

When will they be due and what's the quantity?

I would like to participate also! Let me know details

When would the deadline be? I would be up for it!

Sound great, I'm in!



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