Hello Ladies,

     I have been involved in two swaps....Old Maid/Enterprising Maidens and the recent coaster swap with the theme Letterpress & Love. Is anyone interested in another swap? I'm thinking either bookmarks or postcards. The talent and creativity that all of you have is amazing and outstanding! Email me camillerobin@frontiernet.net

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Hi Camille,

I'd be interested in joining in on another swap! I recently made my first bookplate for a show, and now I'm a little obsessed with them. What do you think about a bookplate/Ex Libris swap?
That is beautiful and I can cetainly see how one can get obsessed!
well, don't let my obsessions take over your project. if you'd rather, we can start a swap with bookmarks or postcards, and i can always propose another bookplates swap after that. :)

have you have many responses?
let me know if the swap happens!
Hello Ladies,
Let's get a swap going. All ideas and sugestions are welcomed!
I have an idea, from your postcard suggestion. What about an exchange of postcards about the places where we live, like those "Hello from..." postcards?
That's a great idea for the postcards. I'd love to join in!
Okay seems like postcards for this swap. How much lead time does every one need?
I'm into a swap! And I love the idea of the postcards from the places we live. Count me in.
How about making this a summer project, and set the deadline for the end of August? (This is the timeline that works best for me - sorry if it seems like the distant future for everyone.)
I like an end of the summer due date on these postcards. Any input/preferance on before or after Labor Day?
ooooo, I'm in, I love the Hello, from.... idea. How about right after Labor Day?



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