I lost my only metal '@' symbol and I need one for a job, 12 pt or smaller. Anyone have a resource for this? I'm going to the LOL conference this week and would love to buy some or one from someone!


Jessica Peterson

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  I can mail you one, for use with 10 point, if you can provide a mailing address. Might be quicker to acquire one at the LOL conference this week, but if that fails, let me know.

David L. Kent, archivist, Amalgamated Printers' Association



  I can give you a better reply now: In 2005 one of the letterpress giants, Richard Hopkins, cast a font of 117 miscellaneous astronomical and other characters, which he offered at $28.00 postpaid in the U.S. This font is unbelievable; it has all the "squiggly things" a customer might ask about using. Astronomical characters in three versions, playing card pips, two versions of the moon's quarters, sun, earth; mathematical (such as integral, homologous to, proportion, infinite), commercial (such as registered, copyright, account of--and three sizes of @ cast on a 10-point body), and such odd items as trine, conjuncture, and others to delight an astrologer's heart.

These are fun to use in design. For example: A sextile, if you do not know, looks like an asterisk exploding with excitement; my daughter incorporated two sextiles in her wedding announcement last year. This font supplies at least three of each character, often six. Rich's address is: HIll & Dale Private Press & Typefoundry, 169 Oak Grove, Terra Alta, West Virginia 26764 or wvtypenut@frontier.com, and you should contact him before ordering to see whether he still has this casting in stock and current price. Rich has the largest stock of Monotype mats in the U.S., and regularly casts beautiful type fonts at a reasonable charge.

Jessica, did you ever get in touch with Mr. Hopkins from Mr. Kent's post here? If so, I think I may have to send an email as well. I've just started growing my type collection, and having a bunch of those miscellaneous (but fun) signs and symbols seems very useful!



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