So I'm looking for a stock that is reasonably priced (not more than Lettra) that will take some impression, and that would be suitible for printing hand set as well as linocuts. OK, all of you won't have tried that last bit, but think larger solid areas. Lettra is not so good for that. Oh, and suitibly heavy for printing cards. Greeting that is. Not ice smooth, but not too rough, or the solids won't print nice.

Aw heck, just share your favorite stock.

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Sommerset Velvet! oooh, one of my fav's. I know it works well with impressions. Savoir-faire also has great papers!
I know it's more expensive, but I love printing on our handmade paper. When you want to wow people with something extra special nothing shows of the beautiful tactile qualities of letterpress better than nice, soft, handmade paper! www.porridgepapers.com
I really enjoy printing on Somerset natural....Paper.com sells envelopes to match. I don't remember the cost, but it is a beautiful paper. It takes the impression well though I have not tried broad areas. Hope that helps...
Isn't somerset velvet more than lettra? or do you have a good source?

Porridge Papers sound great, and I look forward to using them for personal work, but I really am looking for something affordable.

Has anyone ever printed on Cranes Choice 110lb cover?

Thanks to all of you for your replies.


I am thinking about doing a large run of thank you notes and am looking for something more cost effective than the Lettra, and something that folds a bit better. I am just wondering if you ever came up with a solution for this?



We use Colorplan from GF Smith very often for letterpress jobs. Comes in 50 shades in 8 substances. It is my understanding that it is now also stocked in the USA.

Otherwise check colorplanpapers.com

Christiaan Janssen / passion for paper


Thanks Christiann! I will check them out!

All of these options are great. To add to the Somerset suggestion, I love Somerset textured. Also if you like a cost effective and socially conscious handmade sheet you could try my fair trade jute paper. It's really pillowy ands cuts/folds easily. http://demilodesign.com/letterpress/paper_jute_letterpress.html

Thanks Annika,

That looks like beautiful paper, I just sent you and email for a sample of it.




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