I am looking for a supplier of pre-folded Cranes Lettra 110 paper. As of right now I dont have the time to fold cards. Does anyone know of a person who sells pre-folded cards. I am looking for A2 size.

Thank You.


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I believe Legion has them.  www.letterpresspaper.com

Good luck!

We've also bought from www.letterpresspaper.com before and you can get the A2's from them. Watch from promo codes when you do your order and you can get a bit of a price break.

Yeah. I got around to Letterpresspaper.com and purchased a bunch of pre-folded A2 cards and they were nicely scored and cut. I am very pleased with them and will prob order again.

i use http://www.cutcardstock.com/LetterpressCardStock.aspx they charge $5 to cut to any size you want for up to 100 pieces and scoring is, if i remember correctly, just anther $18. their prices are super reasonable. shipping is $5 or free. and customer service is the best.

I like that they do rounded corners. But with A2 cards I think Letterpresspaper.com is cheaper with 200 Cards at $68.00 and $10.78 shipping. Thats .39each scored and cut.

cutcardstock.com is $63.80 (8.5x11 sheets, 25pack times 4)

+7.50 cutting per 200

+18.50 scoring per 250

=89.80 plus shipping.

Say you choose flat rate ($5) since its under $149. The total would be $94.80 

200 cards at $94.80 would be $0.47 each



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