Hello, folks! Any advice about letterpress printing paper bags? We have a Challenge 15MP proof press and two table top platen presses at our shop. I've read suggestions on Briar Press about using softer polymer or rubber plates and/or printing with a rubber blanket on the cylinder/platen. We welcome any suggestions! Thanks so much.

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We've done it with the polymer with great results! The image had both fine areas as well as an area with fuller coverage & the outcome looked great

Thanks Megan! Glad to hear it. Did you have to do anything special in terms of packing?

We ran ours on a Heidelberg Windmill and used a normal makeready. Good Luck!

Great! Thanks so much.

Depending on how soft the bag material is (Kraft something or other, I'm guessing?) I reduce my platen packing and slip a sheet of red board into the bag to keep the impression from going through. It takes an extra couple of seconds per print, but it's worth it!



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