Well, I didn't think this was going to be hard.

I had a job for 100 note cards and envelopes, which isn't what I usually do. I wanted some boxes to but the whole package in and thought... Order some more up and be ready to box up Christmas card orders. I'm using a6 envelopes so with two envelopes beside each other and the scored cards on top I would need 6 by 9 by 1 3/4 inch boxes ( height not critical) allowing for a little wiggle room.

Doesn't seed like a big ask but I have had a hard time sourcing anything other than a basic box with a plastic sleeve. I ended up making the boxes my self which turned out fine in a hipster-ish way, but does anyone have a good source?

I'm in Canada but the border is not usually a problem.

Here's a photo of my dodgy box making skills.

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I get my packaging supplies from clearbags.com. I've been very happy with the shipping time and quality.

Thanks for this Ashley, I was hoping to get all board, no plastic.... I ended up making a template, but it's impractical making my own. The quantities I need don't make sense for custom....I'll keep looking.

I work at a print shop and have a greeting card company.  I get my supplies from the same place we buy paper.  The larger paper companies carry boxes of different sizes and other packaging supplies.  I'm not sure of what companies you have up north, but you could check with your local printer to see where they get supplies.  You might need an account or a minimum order, unless you're able to pick up yourself.  Just a thought.  Good luck!



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