Hi everyone! I am new to this site and just purchased my first C&P tabletop (although I have been printing on a Vandercook in a rental studio for a few years). I am definitely not a professional, and have muddled my way through getting the press into printing condition (lots of trial and error!) and I now have it printing (pretty good quality, too!)

I am having an issue with the inking of my plate, though. The ink is darkest near the bottom of the plate and it gets lighter as it goes up. Halfway through the printing, I noticed that the middle of the text was a bit lighter! I've taped my rails, adjusted packing, etc. and I'm not able to figure out a solid fix! Any ideas?! I'm printing with rubber ink and polymer plates. 

Thank you! 

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Hi Megan,

I'm by no means an expert, but I'm currently having similar issues with my new-to-me Kelsey Victor. I've been scouring Briar Press' forum to learn more. I'm not sure if your C&P works exactly like my Victor, but can you adjust the platen to make sure it's level? Made sure that your rollers are type high in all four corners?


Hello! You may want to check the alignment of your platen:


Do you own a roller gauge? That may be something else to check, even if you've taped your rails. You can sort of use your roller gauge to check if your platen is level, too. Briar Press has a bit of a discussion on this:


If you search Briar Press for leveling the platen on a Pilot, you should be able to see some other threads that may assist you as well. Good luck!



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