I bought a press that also came with a large amount of type.  Some of it is labeled and other not.  I'm starting to go through it now and am wondering a couple of things.

1.  If I have a drawer of mixed size type and it's not really enough to do anything with, where do I get rid of it?

2. I want to identify the type that isn't labeled.  Where is the best source to find out what it is?

Thanks, Sonja

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Take a picture of your unknown type and post it. You could sell your unwanted type on here.

For wood type I suggest Rob Roy Kelly's book on wood type. For metal type check out American Metal Typefaces

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Thanks Armina,  I wish it was wood type but sadly it's all metal and mostly very small.


  Best source for identifying 20th century American cast type is Mac McGrew's American Metal Type Faces (etc.) If you have some European cast faces, there are members of APA who can likely identify it if you provide a proof. If you find a stubborn face, I'll have a go at it.

David L. Kent, archivist, Amalgamated Printers' Association



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