November 2010 Blog Posts (19)

Member Spotlight: Daily Sip Studios!

Chicago's Daily Sip Studios was established in 2008 by Kimberly FitzSimons, and is named after Kimberly's love of wine; she and her husband have developed a wine brand, “One M,” in Sonoma, California. The first vintage will be released in 2010. Read on:

How did you become a printer?

When I got married in 2007, I scoured the internet for the perfect… Continue

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Linotype: The Film

A few years ago, when I lived in Iowa, I spent a week at Linotype University in Denmark, IA where I had a chance to learn typecasting, typesetting, and a little printing from a couple of the original 'old timers': Larry Raid and Buddy Lang. This is where I fell in love with linotype, and I'm so glad that someone is now making a film about it, featuring these guys. Still looking forward to the day when I'm the proud owner of my very own Mergenthaler… Continue

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Printing with CAKE

Production is underway on a limited edition set of 1000 hand-made letterpressed books to be released with CAKE's new album, "Showroom of Compassion" this coming January. The book is being made in conjunction with the San Francisco Center for the Book, and is being created by the members of the band and a whole lot of generous volunteers. The text of the book is the lyrics to one of their new songs, "Bound Away." I'm stoked to be the illustrator for this hand-made…

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Member Spotlight: Saltbox Press!

Lynda Campbell of Saltbox Press in Wilton, Connecticut is both a watercolor artist and a printer; be sure you're sitting down when you see both paint and print combined!

How did you become a printer?

I have always known about letterpress and printing in general as my father worked for Mergenthaler Linotype. I had a little graphic design background and love watercolor. I started creating cards for… Continue

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Friday Frivolity: Squeaks Discovers Type

Add this to your list of inexplicable governmental publications:

Print has expanded our universe, for sure, but a green jetpack mouse? And a purple-babe-sidekick mouse? I guess I can dig it! Get your copy, whose art "rivals anything you'll find in a comic book store," for five bucks here.…


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Somewhere in San Francisco...

... there are three copies each of two of my letterpress broadsides. I submitted them to a really neat project pointed out to me by my printer-poet friend Emma Sovich: Papergirl San Francisco. People from all over the world donated artwork and prints to be rolled up and delivered by bike to strangers on the sidewalks of San Francisco. What an exciting and fun idea! Here's a… Continue

Added by Lindsay Lusby on November 18, 2010 at 5:32pm — 3 Comments

Member Spotlight: Blackbird Letterpress!

Meet Kathryn Hunter, printer-de-luxe of Blackbird Letterpress in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her witty, creative designs and commitment to to the art and craft of letterpress printing make her an absolute jewel among printers. Read on:

How did you become a printer?

I was a printmaking major in undergrad. I became a print major because of how easy it was to print on fabric. In grad school I also… Continue

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Moveable Type: cross-country adventures in printing

Hello, fellow Ladies of Letterpress!

I wanted to share with you a project I'm working on - I'll be building a mobile print shop in the back of a truck and traveling all over the country. I've just launched a fundraising campaign via Please check out my pitch, and feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested. Thanks!…


Added by Kyle Durrie on November 15, 2010 at 12:10am — 2 Comments

Hire A Printer
from across the pond.... Louisa Hare - Printing Shakespeare

Nice articles and three videos:

Posted by The Shakespeare Bookshop:

Louisa Hare, creator of the internationally-renowned First Folio Shakespeare cards — a portfolio of hand-made postcards with extracts of

Shakespeare’s First Folio sold in Stratford, London, Washington, DC, and

all over the world — invited the staff of the Shakespeare Bookshop for

an afternoon apprenticeship. In her… Continue

Added by Nancy R. Hill on November 14, 2010 at 11:39am — No Comments

Starshaped Press Open House

Hi Ladies,

I'm behind on posting this, but if you're in the Chicago area, our annual open house (number 11 this year!) is this Saturday, November 13th, from 7-10pm. We'd love to see you, and if you can come on the early side, I'll pull out some of our new wood type to show off... there are some beauties.

The info is on our site at, and here's an image to entice you... it's a forme set up and ready for everyone to print Saturday… Continue

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Friday Frivolity: Typstaches De-Luxe

O, Mr. American Typewriter--wherever did you go? From Old Tom Foolery via Jessica. Get one and wear it with pride!

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Skyline Type Foundry catalog now available

If you love lead type, and you especially love new lead type, then you'll love Skyline Type Foundry's specimen catalog. Located in Kampsville, Illinois, typecaster Sky Shipley has a huge selection of mats, and can also accommodate custom castings. Download the catalog, and start dreaming of where you're going to put all that fabulous new type!…


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LofL at Pyramid Atlantic

A little blurb and some photos of Jessica and Kseniya representing Ladies of letterpress last weekend at The Book (R)evolution, the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. -

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Child-labor of Letterpress?

Does anyone know the story behind this photo? I dug it up looking for vintage print shop photos:

Added by Kseniya Thomas on November 10, 2010 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

A beautiful day in Darmstadt

Check out the photos Thomas Gravemaker took of the last great typefoundry in Europe, in Darmstadt, Germany. Stempel Shriftenservice was founded in Frankfurt in 1895 by David Stempel, and operated until 1983, when the last linotype matrices were made. It was fully absorbed into the Linotype company and moved to Darmstadt in 1985. They're still casting type; when I was an intern at the Gutenberg Museum in… Continue

Added by Kseniya Thomas on November 9, 2010 at 1:45pm — 1 Comment

Member Spotlight: Papermill Designs!

Katrina Davenport of Papermill Designs in Kansas City, Missouri was one of LofL's awesome exhibitors at last May's National Stationery Show. Check out her interview below, along with some don't-try-this-at-home uses for a paper cutter!

How did you become a printer?

I started out with a custom wedding stationery business in 2006 and became interested in finding my own press soon after.… Continue

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Ladies of Letterpress at Pyramid Atlantic!

Jessica and I will be printing up a storm on our portable-iron-letterpress-machines (aka Kelseys!) this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 6-7) at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair in Silver Spring, Maryland. There are all kinds of bookish demonstrations and events going on, many letterpress printers and book artists to see, and we'll be printing a keepsake for next year's…


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Member Spotlight: Bruno Press!

We're talking this week with Mary Bruno of Bruno Press in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Mary is a versatile printer and print maker, doing everything from setting her own type to carving her own intricate linoleum blocks. Read on!

How did you become a printer? What was your first press?

I was born into printing. My father, Don Bruno, was an Art Professor, a freelance graphic designer, and a letterpress… Continue

Added by Kseniya Thomas on November 1, 2010 at 7:00am — No Comments

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