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Letterpress Conference in One Month!

We can hardly believe that, in fewer than 30 days, we'll be coming together in Asheville for some serious printerly professional development! The second-ever Ladies of Letterpress Conference is happening August 2-5. Come on down to hear the excellent panelists and speakers, and for a tour of Asheville's finest letterpress shops, a bigger at better Printers' Fair, movies, dancin', shop talk, and the best food…


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Ladies of Letterpress + Mohawk Paper

We are thrilled to team up with Mohawk Paper for our very first all-LOLP project! By now, you must have received an email asking "What Will You Make Today?" All you have to do is follow the link in that email to select your paper, and then design and print 10 note cards. Two go to Mohawk, and you keep the rest to bring to the conference and exchange! The whole set will be revealed at the conference in August as…


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Ladies of Letterpress at the National Stationery Show

In just over a week, Ladies of Letterpress will be making their third appearance at the National Stationery Show in New York City. Come visit us if you're showing or attending--you'll find our beautiful booths at 2274-80. The exhibitors this year are:…


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Conference Update!

We have so many exciting things planned for the upcoming conference--and I'm mostly excited to hear the presentations our many expert panelists! Check out the lineup so far: 

Keynote: Abigail Rorer, proprietor of The…


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HOW Conference Winner!

Congratulations to Lady Letterpress printer, Kate of Pickett's Press, our winner for the HOW Conference contest! She wins a free spot to attend this amazing design industry conference by registering to be a paying member of Ladies of Letterpress.

Kate will be on her way to Boston June 21st, where, in her words (which we totally agree with!) she will "view this conference as an invaluable experience to gain inspiration from our peers, knowledge about upcoming trends, and advice from…


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Free shipping at letterpresspaper.com

Head on over to letterpresspaper.com and enjoy free shipping with code SHIP4FREE. What a great time to try something new, like Lettra in . . . 90#c! Woah.

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End of an Era: Yee-Haw Press to close

Sad news coming across the wire today: Yee-Haw Press is closing after 15 years, leaving behind a huge body of beautiful, creative work and immeasurable influence on the letterpress community. Julie Belcher and Kevin Bradley will divide the shop and start their own businesses, selling off excess equipment as necessary. From the linked article…


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Letterpress Hotline

Have a look at the sidebar--on the right of your screen, below the conference notice and swag flag . . . see it? It's the Letterpress Hotline! The helpline is the bright idea of Daniel and Allison Nadeau of Ink Meets Paper, and is a free, volunteer-run service that lets you call in and ask a printer when you have a sticky frisket,…


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Friday Frivolity: Sweet Josh Ritter video, made of a million pieces of paper

Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home from Josh Ritter on Vimeo.

Brought to my attention by Samantha Urbanick; have a great weekend all y'all, and…


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Ladies of Letterpress+Wedding Invite Love

You've probably seen Tracy Osborn's excellent site Wedding Invite Love, filled almost to the brim with so much letterpress goodness that it could almost be called Letterpress Invite Love. If you are already a featured vendor on WIL, today you can show off your Ladies of Letterpress affiliation with this lovely and eye-catching badge (thanks Tracy!) that will tell visitors to your WIL page that you care about the history of…


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Ladies of Letterpress Conference 2012!

Use it or Lose…


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Can you believe it? 1400 Ladies of Letterpress!

It's a membership milestone! Congratulations to Jessie Stanley, our 1400th member! Do you think we can make it to 1500 by May? The 1500th Lady or Laddie of Letterpress will receive an excellent present, up to and maybe including a giant balloon drop. So tell your friends and printing associates about us, and let's see if we can add 95 new members by May. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements from us, too!

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Friday Frivolity, Vandercocktail Edition

Congratulations to LOLP's own bookbinder, printer, and artist of renown Jessica Peterson--she recently took home the grand prize at the College Book Art Association Conference's Vandercook Cocktail Competition! And can you guess what it was called?…


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Announcing the Ladies of Letterpress 2012 National Stationery Show lineup!

Ladies of Letterpress will be back at this May's National Stationery Show with an outstanding lineup of shops and studios! Hailing from all over the nation, this year's group is comprised of talented designers, excellent printers, and . . . I could go on and on. You'll just have to come by the…


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Happy New Year, Printers!

We hope your 2012 is off to an excellent start already, and that all signs point to heath, productivity, happiness, and printiness! Felt and Wire editor Tom Biederbeck said everything I wanted to in his New Year's Post "A New Year's Appreciation for Printers:"

Closing the old year and launching a new one makes this a good time to acknowledge the people we admire.…


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Friday Frivolity: Or maybe not?

Are you the Hardest Working Woman in America (TM)?

A new reality show is currently in the works about ladies of love their dirty jobs, and while I don't get particularly filthy printing, maybe a letterpress printer, typecaster, or papermaker would be just what this…


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What to get the printer who has everything: the Ladies of Letterpress Gift Guide!

I can't believe that 2011 is almost over! I tried toiling in the print shop to make myself forget how fast the year has gone by, but really, the only thing that works is . . . buying gifts! Just kidding, of course (do I really have to justify shopping, especially for printer-perfect gifts? I thought not). Herewith an assemblage of things you might like to get for that special printer in your life, or might like to get for yourself.…


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Ladies of Letterpress Conference: Audio is now available!

Audio of the 2011 Ladies of Letterpress Conference panels and demos is now available! Simply visit the…


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New addition to the LOLP Swag Store: Aprons!

Embroidered with the lovely Ladies of Letterpress logo, these have two perfectly-positioned pockets for all your printing pals! $20, and you can get yours…


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Die-cutting on a platen press

This question comes up a lot, and so in response to this forum thread I'll illustrate the process of die-cutting on a platen press below! There are many methods for successful die-cutting; this is just how I do it. The press in the pics is a 10x15 C+P, but you can follow the same process on both larger and smaller presses. Most important is to protect the press itself, specifically…


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