Todd's Press Time New to Ladies of Letterpress web sight, hope to be a sponsor

  Just wanted to say hi, I was invited to your sight by a costumer and had sometime to look around it this holiday and see a few familiar names and a lot of good info and ideas. I do know Ladies are a big part of Letterpress being over 70% of my customer base.
  I am a life long printer in USA around 35 years now doing anything printing related to pay the bills, I enjoy collecting and restoring letterpresses to. Some of you may recognize my name as a letterpress roller dealer. I found it hard to get a good set of rollers for my presses so I made it my job to make rollers to. My idea was to make all new rubber sets with matching trucks [runners] keeping them in stock shipping every night and returning every E-mail each night. I have been documenting the rollers for all presses around the world from toys to large presses.
I do keep some listed on E-bay, I need them for over sea sales [language translator] and a good way to see my reputation.
  Any roller question or have a strange and unusual press look me up. I have some new and used parts to.
Todd   Todd's Press Time LLC

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