• maia rigas posted an update 9 years, 8 months ago

    @monicaedwardslarson hi Monica! I was just talking about Minnesota to someone and about the amazing nice people I met there, that one time I was in that fair state. And here you are! First, let me know as soon as you have concrete dates, I wouldn’t want to have something else going on and miss you. I’ll make sure to have my shop in good order. And yes, Paul is still around, he just had his annual type sale last saturday. Apparently he sold a lot of stuff, went well. I went up the day before to help him set up, and bought a book press from him–the last thing on my wish list! Now, all I want is time, and to fix the couple of toys I have that are not working properly–which takes, well, time.

    You should certainly write him, tell him that you met us at the auction and that you’d like to take a look at the museum.