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  • Sandra Youngblood
    13 years, 2 months ago

    Leatrice Eiseman’s book, “Color:  Messages and Meaning, a Pantone Color Resource,” should be in everyone’s library.  The following is from Ms. Eiseman’s website; has the book (new) for about $22.

    Color: Messages and Meanings, A Pantone® Color Resource

    Published by Hand Books Press;
    Distributed by Northlight Books, Cincinnati, OH
    ISBN 978-0-9714010-6-8

    Based on research, this companion to Pantone® Guide to Communicating With Color presents current insights on color and emotion and addresses how best to integrate these qualities into your work, ensuring your intended message is communicated. Experience inspiration through hundreds of the most effective color combinations communicating moods ranging from assertive to provocative or intimate, as well as many other moods.

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