• David L. Kent posted an update 9 years, 8 months ago

    @jessicacwhite Dear  Jessica and Scott,
      Congratulations on your newest criminal and hero! Milo is a fine-looking little pressman–impressive muscles and appearance. When my youngest was born in 1988, the family was printing a Gocco Press “Namaste ji” card, so we immediately decided to include Genevieve, by taking one foot and smearing it through the ink surface. Cards turned out great. Feel free to do likewise with Milo. The sooner we support “Babies” of Letterpress, the better. At this point Genevieve is four months pregnant with her first, so I may have to set up the Gocco for a reprise of the Mama’s plunge of 26 years ago into the world of letterpress. Best wishes, David L. Kent, APA 599 and Genevieve Kent Elbaor APA 711.