Double Hamilton Letterpress Cabinet with Type - $3500

Our little print shop in San Francisco is selling its Double Hamilton type cabinet. Hoping to pass it on to another print shop.

70.5" W x 61.5" H x 24" D

The left side of the cabinet has sorted lead type in the following typefaces:

Eve - 18 pt.

Tempo Heavy - 18 & 24 pt.

Stymie - 8 pt.

Typo text - 8 & 14 pt.

Signal Medium - 24 & 42 pt.

Caslon Oldstyle - 18pt.

Parisian Caps - 14 & 18 pt.

And a few undetermined styles.

The right side contains larger metal, and wood type (various styles), along with a few empty cases.

Most of the cases are the California Layout, with the exception of some on the right side that were stripped when we purchased the cabinet. These open cases were great to store larger wood type (also included).

Selling the cabinet as a whole, not as individual typecases. We'd love to keep the cabinet ourselves, but realistically it's just too large for our space.

$3500 OBO for cabinet, metal type, and wood type.

22nd Ave./Geary Blvd.

Available to be seen on Thursdays. Buyer responsible for moving/transporting the cabinet (down 1 flight of stairs).

please note: there are extras on top of the cabinet in the 1st photo. these extras are not for sale, they just happen to be in the photo.

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