Workshop Descriptions

WHAT ARE WE DOING? WHY ARE WE HERE? The Story of the Bad Robot Workshop with Bad Robot (Los Angeles, CA)

Join The Bad Robot Workshop team as they talk about their experience of running a unique makerspace inside a renowned Hollywood production company. Beth, Mike & Paulina will showcase the history behind the letterpress shop, give a tour of The Workshop and take a closer look at how they incorporate both analog and digital processes into their favorite projects.

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COVID 19 editions and the Lockdown Lockups with Stephen Kenny (London, England)

During lockdown in London, it was impossible to work in the old way as before. Stephen should have been in Japan in March 2020 for exhibitions and collaborations; instead, everything closed and all projects were canceled. After an initial panic, he started to think clearly of ways to respond to the situation. His solution was “Lockdown Lockups,” a series of collaborative letterpress prints made during the mandatory quarantine in London. Join Stephen for a tour of this project, and as he makes a new print, and takes you live onto the streets of London to paste up the fresh print in a public space.

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Hit Me with Your Best Thought! – A Practice of Concepts with Eric Woods (St. Louis, MO)

For some the most frightening thing is a blank piece of paper; there aren’t many things more pure. To make a mark and disrupt the page can be devastating. The potential energy of this moment can also be the beginning of something revolutionary.

In this workshop we’ll explore ideas both big and small. We’ll talk conceptually, but we’ll also explore hands-on ways you can use your studio as a vessel for idea development. No matter the size of your space, or the resources it holds, we’ll go inside to get beyond the known. Learn how physical practice and the practical process can lead to a wide range of diverse outcomes; a quiver of arrows rushing toward singularity.

Open to all levels of experience. No prior knowledge or special tools needed. Fire away!

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De-stressing Reduction Prints with Mike Hepher (Fernie, British Columbia)

Reduction printing can be a complex process that involves a lot of planning and the occasional hail-Mary. It can be intimidating to commit to a print when there is no going back! Over many years of printing reduction prints as large as 20 x 24” and up to 11 separate colours, I’ve found some great ways to increase the likelihood of success and to reduce the stress of planning and printing reduction prints. We’ll use demonstration and discussion to explore as many ideas as we can, and create a reduction print live as the workshop progresses!

The complexity of reduction printing is worth it for the rich, distinctive look and efficient use of materials and time. We might even delve into using layered split-fountains for additional colour richness. With a few tools and ideas in your toolkit, creating your own reduction prints should be as easy as 1-7-5-2-3!

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Large format printing on a Quad Crown Miehle with Ann Ong (Perth, Australia)

Come along for a tour of Bright Press, a print shop in Perth, Western Australia. There will be demonstrations on the Ludlow Typograph to cast lines of type and also the Quad Crown Miehle, a large format press that takes 30×40 inch sheets.

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Lessons learned from the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection, or demystifying history through physical engagement with typographic realia with David Shields (Richmond, VA)

The Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type Collection, a study collection held at the University of Texas at Austin is comprised of wood type manufactured and used for printing in the United States during the nineteenth century, gathered from the late 1950s to the mid-1960s by the noted design educator, collector, and historian Rob Roy Kelly (1925–2004). During the 1960s and 1970s, Kelly’s published research — including American Wood Type 1828–1900 (1969) — helped fuel a revival of interest in nineteenth-century American printing types. His work continues to be an important starting point for current scholarly inquiry.

I am wrapping up work on a monograph that functions as a ‘close’ reading of the collection. I’ve approached the collection as more than simply the 18,000+ pieces of wood type acquired by Kelly and dynamically define it in broader terms as a range of objects, publications, research papers, and attendant activities in a number of archives around the United States. Viewing the collection broadly has provided the opportunity to look past Kelly as the sole instigator and investigator and perceive him as a link in the broader network of relationships that led to the success of his research project.

The presentation will include an introduction my approach to historical research and will include sharing techniques developed including physical observation, organization, analysis, and optimization.

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Stay Sharp – Carving Tool Maintenance for Relief Printers with Michelle Wiebe (Calgary, Alberta)

Learn the science and practice of maintaining razor sharp edges on your gouges. Having a properly maintained set of tools will result in greater carving accuracy, longer lasting blades, reduced physical fatigue as well as less chance of injury. Using a basic set up of easily made or purchased tools she will show you how to hone, sharpen and repair dings on your U gouges, V gouges and Chisels.

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Demystifying the Windmill with Jami Heinricher of The Sherwood Press (Olympia, WA)

The Heidelberg Windmill is beautiful, precise, durable, versatile, and almost inexplicably affordable to acquire and maintain. Yet many letterpress printers remain hesitant to bring one onto the floor, even when their volumes and projects justify it. This class will lift away the mists surrounding this powerful and initially intimidating machine. We will break down each of its four print-control systems – automatic feed, registration, impression and inking, and see how it can be ‘tuned’ to making perfect, consistent prints at speed. We’ll also touch on safety issues and training. You’ll come away understanding what the Windmill is good for, what it doesn’t do so well, and get tips for evaluating a press for sale. Could this wonderful press be for you?

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“Un-planning Everything” Adventures in letterpress and the importance of intuition, DIY and making-do with Jo Olive (Doon Doon, Australia)

From buying a press late at night on eBay, to creating a studio in their house and having no training, to building a shipping container studio on their property and running a studio for the past 10 years, join Australian letterpress printer and artist Jo Olive for an overview of their practice from “go to woah.” You’ll gain insights into working from an intuitive place (what Jo calls “un-design”), and will see examples of her and her husband Andy’s rich variety of work, and will gain knowledge of how they were able to frugally outfit a working studio using found materials and affordable solutions.

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Shine on you crazy printers! Learn about foil stamping with Kseniya Thomas (Ogden, UT)

Far from declining in Pinterest popularity, shiny foil stamping continues to be an in-demand alternative to metallic inks. Join commercial printer and Ladies of Letterpress co-founder Kseniya as she tells you everything she knows about foil stamping and demonstrates how to do it on her retrofitted Heidelberg Windmill. She’ll talk materials, techniques, temperatures, and sources and will happily answer all your questions. While some special equipment is required, all who are foil-curious are welcome!

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Lisa Krowinski of Sapling Press presents No {Trade} Secrets: Everything You Need to Know About Wholesale That No One Will Tell You. Why does it feel that the people standing in between you and success as a wholesaler are . . . other wholesalers? Why is it the norm to guard our suppliers and costs, and why do we hide our flops from the people who can relate the most? You don’t need binders and templated emails to build a brand that tracks with wholesale customers. You need honest conversations with those who’ve successfully played the game. It’s time for brands to have a different conversation. Join her for an honest dialogue about what really matters when building your business (quality content) and what absolutely does not (who prints your tissue). Lisa has eighteen years of experience in the paper space and will share her greatest successes as well as the decidedly less glamorous moments—nothing is off the table. Each session will include plenty of time for Q+A.

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Work-Along with Found Materials with Marie Oberkirsch

If you’ve got a stack of old maps, pamphlets, and found papers that you’ve been waiting to repurpose, this is the class for you. Together we will explore how to incorporate found items into new work using at home printing, folding, and binding techniques. Have fun, learn from others, share your insights! Mostly just enjoy your materials and wow us with your know-how for an hour or two. We will work with materials found in your home including papers, needle and thread, adhesives, envelopes, and junk mail. Print with a little ink, a brayer, and a wooden spoon for burnishing if you have the supplies. Try some hand lettering, cartooning, white out some words, or cut and paste a ransom note – anything goes!

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