Hi all, Im considering purchasing a tabletop hot foil stamper. anyone got advice as to size and  pneumatic vs manual.



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Hi Davina, Did you settle on a particular hot foil stamper in the end? I'm looking for one too and would be grateful to hear what you decided on.

Warm regards Vanessa

I never progressed actually! I decided just to outsource! (slack I know!!) Good luck though!

Thanks for getting back to me Davina. Seems like the way to go! V.

Hi Davina

I you are still wanting to add gold/foil to your work, check out Foil Stamp Solutions for easy to use, cost effective, professional foil stamping machines.

Kind Regards


Hi Vanessa

Saw your reply to Davina and thought you might want to  look at Foil Stamp Solutions.

We manufacture several foil machines for many different applications.

The One Air operated machine has been the most popular machine with Letter Press people. It is a table top unit with the power of a large press. It provides clean , crisp and professional results and is inexpensive compared to windmill add on components.

Check out the website foilstampsolutions.com and give us a call.

Kind Regards


I use a KINGSLEY HOTFOIL MACHINE. there are always examples for sale on eBay. If you're still looking, check out the Kingsley. Stick with model M-60 or above, so that you have a two-line machine and therefore more versatile. you only really need the pneumatic function if you are doing hundreds of imprints at a time.  also, check out the page https://www.facebook.com/KingsleyMachineCo/ for good reference info and images.

good luck!

Thanks so much for your advice :-)

Thanks so much for your input :-)



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