Material Print Machine - New community print studio needs your support!


Material Print Machine is a new artist-run community print studio and bindery at the Omni Commons in Oakland. We are a collective of people dedicated to the art of print and publishing who have come together to share skills, knowledge, and resources. Material Print Machine supports small presses and individual artists by hosting free trainings, workshops, and events, and by providing reasonably priced monthly memberships and weekly public Open Hours. Our goal is to create an accessible space that fosters radical creative engagement and collaboration between a variety of literary micro-communities. 

We could really use your support! We have been getting the space ready for the past 3 months and are so close to being ready to open to the public. We just need a few last things... if you have any to spare, we promise they will be used often and with enthusiasm!


Slug cutter

Coppers and Brasses (various pt. sizes)

Speed Quoins and Keys

Furniture cabinet

Type cabinets (w/o type)

Oil can


Pica poles / Line gauges

Gauge pins / Grippers for platen press

Boxcar Bases

Fireproof storage cabinet (for chemicals)


Specific Equipment Needs:

15” Lockup bar for Vandercook 215

Cotter pin for Wheel of C&P 8x12” Treadle press (approx. 9mm, square end)

New rollers for Kelsey Excelsior 9x13” Model F Tabletop Press

Feel free to come by and/or spread the word! We are looking for more collective members.

You can contact us at

More about us:

Thanks ladies!

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