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With so many printers reaching out to their communities for support in funding their projects, we've decided to set up this page where our members can post their own funding requests. To have yours posted here, send a description with your link to


Pressing On: The Letterpress Film

Why has letterpress printing survived? Pressing On is a documentary by Erin Beckloff examining the relevance of a physical process that is anything but modern! We have faster, cheaper methods to print things now – so why has this endured?

As the individuals who have kept letterpress alive are aging quickly, irreplaceable knowledge and techniques stand in danger of being lost forever. However, there is hope! A dedicated faction of young printers, designers, and hobbyists are on a quest to preserve letterpress.

With traditional tools and processes, they push the boundaries of contemporary creativity while sustaining the historic knowledge of the craft. Pressing On will explore the historic culture, the close community, and the remarkable craftsmen who are making letterpress thrive.


Letterpress in Chair City 

Tracie Pouliot is working on a project to honor and share the stories of furniture workers who lost their jobs after factories began closing in her town, Gardner, MA. Your donation will help Tracie purchase a letterpress for the Chair City Community Art Center. Community members will use this letterpress to print, by hand, the stories of people who made their living in the furniture industry. This project honors the past while asking the question: How can we rebuild a strong community in which everyone has what they need to thrive? It has the ability to make a difference in a small town whose workers created a product that is an important part of our everyday lives. Please help her make it happen.


“You take for granted you have a chair. You never realize how much goes into that product to make the chair. Now sometimes when I go in a store I’m really looking at the chair, checking it over. I’ve done that in doctor’s offices, I flip it over. People are like, What are you doing? I’m just looking to see where it was made.” (Dale Lucier, White Sanding, Nichols & Stone employee for 33 years) 


“When I was a kid growing up, my uncles all worked at Temple Stuart - you can smell it on people. It’s just something that gets in your blood and you never want to get rid of.”(Barbara Suchocki, Finishing Department, Nichols & Stone employee 20 years)




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