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With so many printers reaching out to their communities for support in funding their projects, we've decided to set up this page where our members can post their own funding requests. To have yours posted here, send a description with your link to


The WNY Book Arts Center has an opportunity to acquire a great collection of metal type to enhance its community letterpress printshop.

A collection of metal type is being offered to WNYBAC. Over 50 cases of metal type with several fonts in multiple sizes are currently on loan to the WNYBAC printshop, but the owner must sell and WNYBAC has first option to buy. The cost for the type is $2000, and the fees for Kickstarter and Amazon payments are added to this campaign, so the goal to cover all expenses is $2500. The new type would become available to members, classes, workshops, and studio renters.

If the goal hits $2500, we can get this type for the studio!
If the goal can hit $3000, we can get new rollers for our Vandercook 219!
If the goal can hit $4000, we can also get our Trim-o-Saw refurbished!

These three things will improve the WNYBAC printshop and increase capacity so we can offer greater access, teach more classes, accommodate more visitors, and facilitate the production of higher quality work.

Public funding for our non-profit organization makes up a small percentage of our overall income; nevertheless, we have taught thousands of students about letterpress and bookbinding, and we want to continue enhancing our studio equipment and resources.

The metal type that WNYBAC can acquire includes:
• 6 sizes of Goudy Handtooled
• 6 sizes of Kennerley
• 6 sizes of Gallia
• 5 sizes of Neon
• 5 sizes of Civilité
• 9 sizes of Goudy Bold
• 2 sizes of Ad Lib!
• 3 sizes of Dominus
• 3 sizes of Fournier Italic
• 3 sizes of Studio
• 3 sizes of Onyx
• 2 sizes of Agency Gothic
• 18pt Egmont and Egmont Italic
• 3 cases of Ornaments and more!

(posted May 29, 2014)


Press Cycle Project | Letterpress on Three Wheels

Help build a mobile studio to teach people about letterpress printing and make inky impressions all over New York City!

Hi there! I’m Erin Fae and I love all things related to print and cities. I need your help to build and run a portable letterpress print studio all over New York City.

I want to build a mini studio that that takes letterpress printing outside and into different communities, which is why I am running this Kickstarter.

I have a small printing press (an Adana 3 x 5), and I’ve found the perfect tricycle, and some very nice people (Nightwood, who create remarkable furniture out of reclaimed wood) who are going to build an enclosure and surface for the studio, and now I invite you, the community of people who believe in crazy urban art schemes, to help make this happen.

(posted May 30, 2014)



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