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  • Jen Starshaped
    15 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Ladies,It’s time for the annual Platen Press Museum type sale in Zion, Illinois (about an hour north of Chicago), Saturday May 2nd, 9-2. This is a great chance to pick up the bits and pieces that you’re looking for, whether newbie or pro. I was just up in Zion helping Paul and I have a decent idea of what he’s got available… a handful of small table top presses, book presses, quions and keys, furniture, and of course, type. The type is both on galleys and in cases; don’t expect to find some amazing and rare face, but if you need some workhorses (the Caslons, basic sans serifs, etc.) in good shape, this is a great opportunity as it’s cheap. Paul also puts together starter kits if you want a basic collection of everything you need to get started (sans press). The sale will start at 9 (no sales prior to that), and if you want the best choice of type, come early. If there’s something you need and don’t see it, Paul probably has it so just ask. I’ll be there helping so be sure to say Hey. Email me or just google it if you need directions, etc.Hope to see you midwesterners!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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