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  • Sara Burgess
    5 years, 7 months ago

    For full details and specifications please email me at

    While You Were Sleeping – A Letterpress Community Project

    I call on the letterpress community to join me in print. To return to the truth. To print in facts, images, and lead type. Because in our type, we can convey beauty and messages, and call attention to ugliness in ways that nobody else can.

    Please choose one headline from the past year that has impacted you the most. Do fact check it from multiple, established, truthful references. Set it. Check it. Check your spelling. Print in black and white, or in color. Print ornate, illustrated, or in austere simplicity. Print in all its letterpress glory. Print it 100 times.

    I hope to have one hundred presses from the world over participate. Imagine 100 statements printed and on display in a gallery. Five will hang in gallery spaces. The remaining 95 will be bound into books. Some of the books will be sold to cover the costs of the binding, exhibitions, shipping etc. The physical books will also be submitted to libraries and collections as a historical and artist document from the past year.

    If you choose to participate I thank you in advance. It should be said that I do not stand to profit from this exhibit. It will be tremendous amount of work to make it a success. My hope is that we can make an impression with print. Recharge the words before we fall into slumber and never accept this as the new normal. For some I hope that the process will provide a catharsis. For other perhaps it will bring about new ideas for change.

    MARCH 15th Let me know that you are committed to participating and submit your concept / headline for review. The project will be cut off at 100 participants for logistical reasons. Email me at
    Shipping details to follow.

    Happy printing one and all.
    Sara Burgess

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