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  • Sharon Braun Hutton
    6 years, 11 months ago

    My husband is retiring and wants me to travel the world with him so I’m selling everything from my successful studio:

    All good things must come to an end – I’d love to pass on all my treasures to someone who who will love them as much as I do.

    Everything you need to start your letterpress business. I want to sell everything complete to one buyer. Pieced out its all worth over 20K I’m looking to get 15K or negotiable. I will help train you also if you want per cost etc. 

    Complete list of available items:


    ? C&P Platen Press 12 x 18 circa 1885/1900

    Beautiful completely refurbished by a team of master printers in KC 

    for The History Channel where it was purchased on a TV action show 

    Custom made artisan treadle 

    with (4-5) Chases, 3 new rollers with trucks and attached motor

    ? Boxcar deep relief polymer base  9×12

    ? Magnetic base 

    ?Antique Hamilton Composing Table 4 ft x 4 ft with storage on sides for lead and galley trays

    ?Antique Wooden furniture and wood reglets with wood cabinets

    ?Antique Lead cutter with supply of lead and several antique lead piece holder

    ?Pallet jack for moving press

    Polymer maker w box of unexposed polymer plates, adhesive and magnetic back.

    Misc stuff needed for printing:

    ? Quoins and key (approx 10-15 various sizes) and gauge pins, approx 10 cans of Van Son Inks with Pantone Formula Guide, Palette Knives and brayers, Pica rulers, Firesafe rag can

    ? Good supply of Tympan paper


    ? Low top antique type cabinet full of abut 15 lead type collections and drawer of rare antique plates.

    ? Tall antique wooden type cabinet full of unique antique wood type and drawer of antique plates


    Complete constructed website – just change out all logos and information.

    Delivery and set up of all equipment available 

    Set up/training and consultation

    Feel free to contact me to discuss!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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