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  • Cherie Irwin
    9 years, 2 months ago

    8×12 Chandler & Price OS with newly fitted treadle from Hern Ironworks. Press is mounted on heavy duty Cast Iron casters for easy transport. Press has a small weld on a casting in the back.

    Also includes:
    – 2 Numbering Counters
    – 8 Chases, including a rare business card sized chase
    – Type case w/ 18 trays of Lead Type (not pictured)
    – Composing Stick
    – Cabinet full of Furniture
    – Cabinet full of Reglets
    – 30 Hi Speed Quoins w/ 4 Keys
    – Dozens of Challenge Quoins with keys
    – 3 New Rubber Rollers (only used once)
    – Newly resurfaced Morgan Expansion trucks w/ same rubber as rollers
    – 6×9 Boxcar Base – Deep Relief (Never Used)
    – Roller Setting Gauge
    – Ink Knife
    – Digital Thickness Gauge
    – 3 Kort Quad Guides w/ extra Tongues
    – Assorted bunch of gauge pins
    – Line Gauge
    – Cleeton & Pitken?s General Printing Book
    – Pack of Crane?s Lettra (40+ sheets remaining)
    – Tympan
    – Old Emerson motor w/ Belt (motor was working when I purchased press, but removed it to fit press with a treadle).

    I purchased this press and many of the extras from a man who?s family owned a type casting company in Indiana in October 2012. The original owner gifted it to him in the 70?s after closing his print shop. I?ve and have done a ton of clean up, including rust removal and steam pressure washing.

    My husband and I had every intention of completely restoring the press and moving move the press into to my stationery studio. However, I am now six months pregnant, and my plans have changed. I?ve closed my studio and plan to work from my home when the baby arrives. I?m also afraid that I will not have time to devote to printing. Thus, we would like to see this beautiful piece of history go to someone who will put it to use.

    Asking price $2,800

    Please contact me via e-mail:

    Cherie Irwin
    9 years, 2 months ago

    Here’s a photo of the type case and some of the other extras.  Check out this rare business card sized chase. 

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