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  • Gregory Jackson Walters
    2 years ago

    I have spent weekends this summer doing a casting of 60 point CLOISTER INITIALS on my Monotype Giant Caster. I posted some photos on Flickr:

    Cloister Initials

    The type was cast in Monotype metal using rare copper Monotype matrices except for the tint block. Unfortunately the tint block matrix was aluminum and has corroded. I rubbed the faces of the tint blocks on emery cloth to get a smooth face. Because the tint blocks are not up to the quality level I’d like, they are not considered in the pricing.

    A single font consists of one of each character plus two tint blocks for a total of 28 sorts. I am offering these at $52 plus postage. In the US, these will fit in a small flat rate box which costs $7.20.

    If you are doing monogrammed cards, a single font may not be enough. I remember a friend’s mother: Mary Margaret Mannix (MMM). And my sister’s college roommate: Amy Anne Alfano (AAA). So you can get three fonts for $120 ($40 each) plus postage ($13.65 in the USA).

    Single or additional sorts are available if you want to augment a font. $2.50 a piece, but cheaper in quantity.

    I prefer a check in the mail for payment, though I can also accept Paypal. My mailing address is:

    Gregory Walters
    1308 Clark Avenue
    Piqua, Ohio 45356

    Reply to me to reserve your font at:

    Gregory Walters

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