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  • jennifer manning-gilbreath
    9 years, 3 months ago

    …because it’s turn-key ready!  The branding, designs, digital media, you name it!  Everything you need to start your own letterpress.

    Yes, it’s true!  While I hate to let my shop, Les Bois Letterpress go, I’m moving on, which creates an opportunity for another letterpress design enthusiast to take over.  This is a turn-key business; choose to stay in the it’s current space (downtown Boise for $210 a month), or move it where you want it.  Included in the business sale are the following:
    • 10 x 15 C&P press with motor (all running beautifully) 4 chases, one set of rollers, and two sets of different sized trucks
    • 2 Boxcar Press blocks (6″ x 9″ and 5″ x 8″)
    • composing furniture and case
    • 12 quoins and locking key
    • metal and wood spacers and reglets
    • ink and Pantone ink color mixing book
    • ink mixing scale
    • paper cutter (19″ wide)
    • 2 Hamilton 24 drawer type cases full of type–mostly in various sizes and styles from three families of metal type (Cheltenham, Commercial Script mostly.  Some Garamond, Futura)
    • 1 homemade type case with 6 drawers of metal type
    • A2 size, cotton paper stock (500 pieces)
    • A7 size cotton paper stock (500 pieces)
    • Envelopes in Kraft paper, and various other colors 
    • All wedding and greeting card designs and their digital files (intellectual property)
    • 3 Wedding invitation display books
    • E-commerce Website (and developer who is happy to work with you for a very reasonable rate)
    • Display for trade shows like The Wedding Party Show
    • All current stock and samples
    • Tri-copy, carbonless wholesale order forms
    • Digitial copies of custom order forms
    • Packaging supplies (bio-degradable sleeves, baker’s twine, stickers, stamp)
    • Social media marketing accounts (website, facebook, twitter, pinterest)
    • Misc press gear (palette knives, scoring channel, scoring and perforating rule, empty type drawers)
    Maybe you know someone who would be interested in this awesome opportunity?  Please feel free to pass this information on.  Want to own a letterpress shop but don’t yet know how to letterpress?  I’ll show the basics so you can get started.   
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