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  • Cory Smith
    13 years ago

    I’m in the thick of trying to get my Vandercook 320G up and running. This is different than other Vandercooks I’ve printed on for various reasons (it’s completely manual, the metal and rubber rollers are behind the cylinder, etc). I’ve encountered a couple of things so far that I’d love advice with if you have any expertise to offer:


    -On other presses, it seems as though you can use a screwdriver to raise/lower the rubber rollers to the right height (right to raise, left to lower). Is this different on this press?

    -Along with that, I can’t seem to get the rollers raised (at all/enough) so that they aren’t contacting the metal sheet behind them (under the feed board) each time I make a revolution. Any thoughts?

    -This press doesn’t seem as though it’s been operable for many years. What’s the best way to be able to tell if the rubber rollers need to be replaced/recovered, or is it just inevitable that they will to be?

    -I’ve only got a five or six sheets of tympan on the cylinder, but it doesn’t seem near enough to make contact with the polymer plate for a good impression. What’s the best kind of (non-brand name) paper to use for packing? What’s the max number of sheets you can use as hard/soft packing?


    I know I’m asking a lot here. If you have any helpful advice, I’d be much obliged!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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