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  • Kristina Hopkins
    14 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Ladies!So, I’m realizing that I desperately need to buy my own paper cutter. Problem is, the space in my house is absolutely non-existent for the sort of one I’d ideally like to buy (not to mention the fact that the thousands of dollars aren’t in my pocket, either!)So, I’ve been doing some research and I think I’ve decided that I want to purchase Dahle’s Premium Guillotine Model #565 (as shown here: I’ve been able to find this for under $400 online, and that’s a price I can afford and with it’s small footprint and weight, it can easily be stashed in a closet when not in use.My press has a platen of 8×12, so I feel like this would be sufficient for the sorts of things I’d be printing now…wedding invites, biz cards, etc. Of course, I hope someday to have the business to have a studio (with lots more space!) and purchase larger presses and likewise a larger paper cutter…but I think this will serve it’s purpose for the time being.Has anyone ever used this brand of guillotine? Is there something else you might suggest in a similar price range (or cheaper!) that is as effective and will provide me with quality cuts?Thanks in advance for your help!Kristina

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