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  • Peter Fraterdeus
    6 years, 12 months ago

    Good morning!

    SlowPrint (1979-2016) RIP (in a few incarnations)

    Not an Inventory!
    More pics and inventory per lot are forthcoming.

    Please see for important info about this sale.

    From our post on

    We need to move this equipment as soon as possible.

    Please EMAIL me ( ? NO CALLS PLEASE) with “Slow Print Sale” in the subject line if you are interested and willing to come and pick it up. Pick up dates will by arrangement with the property manager, toward the last week of October.

    Best offers on individual pieces, rec’d by October 15th will take it, unless we get a verified offer for the whole lot.

    Pick up only, in Dubuque Iowa, 3 blocks from US 61/151.

    $15-25K? OBO for the whole lot, best offer before Oct 15th.
    Whatever is not removed entirely before November 1 will be trashed, dumped, scrapped or donated to charity.

    As Is. No warranty, no refunds, no returns.

    No dock, ramp goes up to ground-level alley door, easy out with appropriate equipment.

    Cash, cashier’s check, net. Credit card : net plus 4%

    You pay for handling, shipping, and whatever.

    All presses in very good to excellent condition, with accessories, etc. Near new rollers.

    Vandercook 219 NS

    Heidelberg 10×15 Red Ball

    Heidelberg 10×15 Black Ball

    Miehle V36

    C&P 10×15 Old Style

    Interflex A4 Photopolymer machine

    33″ Challenge 19th C Manual Guillotine Cutter

    19″ Challenge hydraulic cutter (works but juicy)

    10×4 foot custom steel-frame table very solid

    10×5 foot custom wooden work bench with four large drawers

    Hamilton 48 case Oak cabinet with foundry type

    Metal 24 case cabinet with foundry type (Optima & Melior)

    Woodtype display cabinet

    Many other items, including foundry and somethin well over 1000-maybe over 2000, maybe over 3000 pieces of wood type. Who knows.

    Desks, fans, shelves. Misc tools and other stuff.

    Come see it after October 3rd. I can be in Dubuque in 20 minutes. Let me know when you’re coming. However, I will be unavailable after Oct 15th through early November, and all will be disposed before I leave.

    I have tried everything in my power to keep this facility together and have had the rug pulled out too many times by circumstances beyond my control, I guess this is the end of the road.

    I now have to try to keep my home.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Peter Fraterdeus

    PS, oh, if you were still expecting us to be moving to Hamilton, that’s one of the rugs that got yanked. After six months of discussion with the Museum, and literally days before the deal was to be finalized, the Board of the Two Rivers Historical Society told the Museum Director to refuse our donation. Apparently we accidentally applied for a grant (to pay for the move) with a ‘proprietary’ funding source.

    “Resilience is the new Optimism.” ? PF
    Maybe somebody with a press can print one of those for us. 🙂

    #letterpress #treasures #forsale #dubuque #iowa

    Peter Fraterdeus
    6 years, 12 months ago

    Please the updated notice and terms and conditions of sale!

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