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  • Kaisa Nichols-Russell
    5 years, 5 months ago

    Join Stephanie Carpenter at Women’s Studio Workshop for this 5 day Letterpress workshop!
    Class description: Letterpress printing is a tactile art form. Each step of the process is a physical act, from sketching ideas on paper to gathering the type and making the impression. In this class, we’ll explore letterpress printing using written language. We will delve into this topic by breaking down words and letterforms into modular components to communicate specific meanings. Working with both traditional and contemporary approaches to creating relief prints, participants will use a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic type, along with carved linoleum blocks to create unique work that tells a story. We’ll also combine type and images to add depth and dimension to our prints. Demonstrations will include pressure printing, monoprinting, typesetting, and registering multiple layers and colors. Participants will have the opportunity to produce a variety of printed pieces as either small editions or monoprints. All experience levels are welcome.
    Workshop dates: July 9th – 13th Register here:

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