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  • Carrie Ritter
    9 years, 8 months ago

    I appreciate the offer, it’s a wonderful idea.  I’ve requested information for an intensive week-long workshop a little closer to home, in Pennsylvania.  I’m checking on the other type-setting and letterpress classes I could take over the summer.  I have to work around the kids summer camps…

    I’m reading, researching and learning what I can, but reading isn’t doing.  A book is entirely new processes and I’d rather not work it through three or four times.  I’d save money being taught properly. 

    The Visual Arts Center in Richmond has a limited schedule that conflicts with mine.  VCU offers classes, but It’s pricy and they give priority to Graphic Artists in their program (understandable).  

    I may be able to be a “visiting” student from U of R, I’m going to check.  I don’t know anyone around Asheville but I printed up your information so I can stop by when I’m driving through.  I’ll call ahead.

    I’ve got family to stay with in Myrtle Beach SC,  Atlanta GA, Grand Rapids MI, Denver CO so I’ll try those areas first.  


    Carrie Ritter
    9 years, 8 months ago

    “There’s nothing about being an artist that is terribly practical.”  -Gail Caduff-Nash

    Thanks for the response!  You helped me to focus on steps forward instead of a hope-filled leap.   

    I have a table book floating through my fingertips and I am compelled to see it printed, before it fades.   I roughed out the plates but need a larger press, thus this discussion.  I apologize for the length of my response, I haven’t found a way to say “Paperwork is my job.” that covers my meaning.  

    I have room and we checked our joists before we moved in because I purchased a few 8′ library cabinets years ago.  I forgot about ink registration, I saw this topic at  I’d like to try both methods in different applications but I doubt I’ll find time. 

     I flourish in the creative process and glow when the sought after result is met or improved upon.  If a request seems impossibly complex for it’s size, that’s the work I enjoy the most.  

    Note cards, stationery, monograms, tags, small prints.  Hand-crafted paper brackets, coins, buttons and weavings based on historical and period designs.    

    Optional finish with hand-stitching using thread or wire, rivets, buttons or snaps – which can be made to match pantone color charts.  Depending on the design, thread or wire can be woven or braided.   Die cuts and letterpress on scrapbook or similar paper for custom orders.  Re-purposed decorations to increase tension and balance.  Most notions and embellishments are optional. 

    Moving to larger prints is another puzzle I would like to try, the change in perspective and placement from very small things.

    My first step forward is the book with plates.  For this I will need a larger press.  Does this help?  

    Thanks again!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

Carrie Ritter

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