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Rebecca Mullins







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Make/model of press(es)?

Vandercook 219 OS | 12×15 C&P Craftsman

Press or Business Name

Studio Saudade, SPC | Project Farewell

Printing for How Long?

Since 2006

Services Offered in Addition to Letterpress?

Studio Saudade provides grief and bereavement support through educational programs, consulting, design and creative services. We guide people through the process of telling their stories to honor and commemorate lives lived and loved ones lost.

Apprentices or Interns Welcome?

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Rebecca Mullins’ vision for Studio Saudade took root in 2006, shortly after the sudden loss of a very dear friend. While helping prepare for the memorial service, she was deeply discouraged by the entire funeral experience. The limited, low-quality or overpriced options for commemoration left everyone scrambling for a more personal tribute that had a deeper connection and meaning.

As a result, Rebecca designed her friend’s tribute personally, and she experienced firsthand how creative expression can provide an outlet for joy and reflection — even during a time of deep and painful sorrow.

After nearly a decade of focusing on weddings, babies and corporate branding and design projects, she decided to pivot towards working specifically with clients during end-of-life transitions or during major grieving life events. Training as a hospice and bereavement volunteer, extensive specialty trainings, certifications and countless books on trauma, grief and loss coupled with 15 years of professional work in creative fields formed the foundation of Studio Saudade and Project Farewell.

Rebecca is dedicated to serving those in the process of grieving through creative expression and meaningful design. Under her leadership, Studio Saudade listens and gently guides, helping to soften clients’ suffering by identifying the pathways that will best enable them to have their stories witnessed and shared by friends and family.

With a profound respect for community, history, and heart, she is dedicated to transforming how we process and integrate loss.


Rebecca Mullins

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