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  • Reply by David Brewer on November ? It looks like the key stock that you need……measure it (probably 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch).  Try an electric motor service type of business or a machinist.  It’s not a big deal. You may need to do the tapering/shaping by yourself on a grinder, but it’s a learning experience../…good luck….db

  • J. David Brewer posted an update 12 years ago

    @kellymyny G’day Kelly;
    I guess you and I joined at the same time.  The above says that you are in the process of acquiring a C&P 10 x15.  I wish you well.  I only just cleaned up and reassembled an 8×12 C&P New Style and am awaiting new rollers.  I’m looking forward to trying to use this press.  The only platen type press I’ve used is my litt…[Read more]

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